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Who is the closest friend… February 3, 2018

Posted by obesedude in : Questions , trackback
  1. Who is the closest friend you’ve ever had?  Describe that relationship.

I’ve been switching between books to avoid answering “difficult” questions.  I think a friend I have had since second grade would be considered my closest friend but I doubt he would include me in his circle of close friends.  I don’t want to use it as a crutch but I have been diagnosed with Aspergers so I have difficulties establishing and maintaining social relationships  so it is possible I am confusing a friendship or an acquaintanceship for twenty plus years as a close relationship.  He’s been open about his ups and downs but I haven’t reciprocated.  I think that makes it hard for him to continue to be vulnerable with me which I completely understand. I am not very open with family or ever had a meaningful girlfriend so I am not good in relationships in general.  Maybe one day but it’s unlikely until I make a change or some sort.


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