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Would you vote for a… January 9, 2018

Posted by obesedude in : Questions , trackback
  1. Would you vote for a mayoral candidate who was honest, competent, and concurred with your position on most issues if you knew she was also an alcoholic who was sexually promiscuous and three times divorced?

I noticed the pronoun usage but regardless of it was a woman or man, I would have problems squaring their honesty with their promiscuity.  I think if you make vows before God to honor your partner and subsequently violate those vows, you demonstrate a lack of strength, willpower, and integrity.  If you are cheating on your spouse, how can you be honest?  I am from New Jersey and am all too familiar with voting for the least worst of the available candidates so though I don’t like the character, I wouldn’t immediately disqualify a candidate.


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