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When was the last time you made love so spontaneously you couldn’t have predicted it 20 minutes before? What attitudes lead to such surprises and what attitudes prevent them from happening? April 11, 2017

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The last time would be the first time. Also, I’m a virgin so chances of that happening are unlikely.  I guess lust leads to those attitudes and the chances of going to jail prevent spontaneous sex from occurring more often.

At the beginning of a relationship, do you trust your new partner unless there is something specific to make you do otherwise, or do you withhold your trust until he or she has earned it? December 24, 2016

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My approach to any relationship is to trust a person upfront because I believe people innately are decent. ┬áIf it turns out they are not, my trust will quickly be lost and I can’t remember if there has ever been an instance when it has been earned back.

If tomorrow you found out that you and your partner just conceived a child, how would you react? How do you think it might change your relationship. December 19, 2016

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I’d be alarmed because learning I may soon be a father is surprising enough, but learning I also have a partner too would absolute floor me. My partner’s and I relationship would change in that since I was unaware she existed, our relationship would develop to something beyond being strangers to one another.